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Solar LED

Solar LEDThe true power of independence

If LED devices are on the lighting design frontier, then solar lighting with self-contained batteries is definitely a push beyond. Philips Hadco has partnered with SolarOne® in our quest to go “green” by introducing the capability of refitting our post-top fixtures with solar/LED capabilities. The benefits of such design greatly increase the efficiency of our LED products while also increasing the cost savings for you.

Our solar-powered lighting can be installed anywhere and across any amount of space. No wires. No trenching. No additional transformer installations. The solar panels are internally connected to batteries and an electronic management system that regulates output regardless of weather conditions. Each system is self-sufficient and can be installed quickly.

Like our traditionally wired LED fixtures, the solar-powered lamps are not only nearly maintenance-free but also environmentally friendly. One lamppost offsets the estimated two tons of greenhouse gases typically produced each year by the average lamp. And solar power provides peace of mind in a world with growing security concerns. Power failures, disasters and emergencies do not affect solar-powered lighting. Your lighting will remain as reliable as the sun rising and setting.

While society continues to progress, the need for power dramatically increases. This growth puts pressure on not only our resources themselves, but also on the infrastructure that supports our globalization. With solar-powered lighting, your project removes some of that stress and works toward becoming a self-reliant entity. From pathways to playgrounds, campuses to parking lots and every place in between, there really is no more efficient way to keep the lights on while going off the electrical grid than with LED/solar technology from Philips Hadco.

Philips Hadco and SolarOne® transform the power of the sun into attractive, simple, effective and reliable off-grid lighting solutions. Patent pending SO-Bright™ technology is the world’s most advanced lighting and control technology for autonomous solar lighting systems. It features the highest efficiency constant-current driver circuitry, and the state-of-the-art SO-Bright™ Lighting Controller.

Philips Hadco and SolarOne® solar lighting systems operate independent of the electric grid, relying only on the sun for power. This ensures that the luminaires will remain lit, even during grid-connected power shortages. The independent power source also allows for flexibility in location and easy installation, without incurring significant expenses in trenching and repaving.

Rather than basing our system recommendations on average conditions, our systems are based on the shortest day and longest night (i.e. minimum solar resource). This ensures that your system will be sized to provide reliable performance all year long.

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