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Wind Loads

Decorative Pole Windloading

Pole Banner Loading

The Effective Projected Area or EPA is a wind resistance rating given for fixtures, brackets, and accessories. The total of all accessory EPA ratings must not exceed the pole capacity EPA for the wind zone where it is installed.

There may be more than one wind velocity in any geographical area, such as the greater Tampa, Florida, area which has three different wind zones. Lighting poles must also be selected that can withstand the additional stresses caused by weight. Please check local ordinances/building codes for up-to-date requirements.

The largest EPA addition to any pole will be from single or double rectangular shaped decorative banners and street signs. The surface area exposed to the wind creates a high EPA value when compared to fixtures and arm brackets and a larger pole diameter or thicker wall may be required. Always contact the factory whenever banners are used.

Philips Hadco poles are designed to meet industry accepted wind-loading practices for decorative street lighting standards. State or federal lighting projects may require decorative poles to meet specifications established by the American Association of Street and Highway Traffic Officials (AASHTO). Consult the factory for separate EPA capacities according to AASHTO recommendations.
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